2021 Priorities

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details about priorities, issues, and activities.

1. Government – Election Law

a. Support automatic voter registration (opt-out system), same-day voter registration, improved online voter registration, and make  vote by mail a permanent status.
b. Extend deadlines for signature cures and recounts, and allow 10 days for postmark delays.
c. Support home rule for counties and municipalities and oppose any preemptive legislation to counter home rule.
d. Continue to support voting rights restoration (includes efforts surrounding 2018’s Amendment 4).

2. Natural Resources

a. Support FULL funding of the Florida Forever Amendment to protect and monitor our drinking water, prevent saltwater intrusion and work on Everglades Restoration.
b. Support a statewide ban on fracking
c. Financially support the impact on lower income and minority communities who are disproportionately impacted by proximity to industrial pollution and poor air quality.
d. Support legislation that would promote the use of solar, wind power and electric vehicles.

3. Health Care

a. Expand health care access and affordability by expanding Medicaid Eligibility to adults with incomes below 138%
of Federal Poverty Level.
b. Ensure access to health care for women to safeguard the right to reproductive health.

4. Education

a. Provide adequate funding for public education including additional dollars to augment operational expenses
associated with Covid 19.
b. Oppose any public dollars for private school vouchers.
c. Oppose any effort to arm teachers, or anyone who is not a law enforcement officer.