Anne Barnett 2022 Unsung Hero

Anne Barnett
2022 League of Women Voters Unsung Hero

Anne Barnett is a vital member of the Lower Keys League of Women Voters board
of directors where she serves as Communications Chair. She is also an important
part of the Key West community in other areas.

Anne led the development of the League’s “Women’s Vote Centennial” webpage
that celebrates exemplary women past, present and future. This beautiful
presentation was in lieu of the planned in-person celebration of the 100th
anniversary of women’s right to vote that was curtailed by Covid precautions.
Anne and her team selected and interviewed local women from teenagers to
iconic leaders about their life experiences, contributions to our community and
their hopes for the future.

Anne works for Cornerstone Resource Alliance where, among other things, she
established and manages a robust bicycle refurbishment program staffed by
community volunteers. Once refurbished, the bicycles are given to homeless
veterans, the medically needy and the working homeless.

More than 400 bicycles
have been refurbished and donated. “Everyone needs a bike,” Anne says.
The Lower Keys League of Women Voters is proud to congratulate Anne Barnett
as an Unsung Hero.