Jordan Maun

While in high school and in college, I have participated in many organizations. I thing that participation has prepared me for the diverse challenges that I will need to deal with in the future. Some of the activities that I participated in while in high school and college were:

High School
I graduated from Key West High School in 2016 after taking the most rigorous curriculum of Advanced Placement classes. I ranked in the top 10 academically out of 256 students. In 2016 I entered the University of Florida and majored in Marine Science and minored in photography and international studies while maintaining a 3.71 GPA.
Zonta Club: promote the status of women; participate in service activities; donate prom dresses and Christmas presents to the less fortunate: 2013-2016
Art For The World Club: plan and execute fundraisers for money to donate to people in need around the world; raise money toward traveling to volunteer in other countries; promote art around the world: 2014- 2016; Founder 2014; President 2014-2016
BETA Club: volunteer at Relay for Life fighting cancer event; participate in service activities: 2013-2015; Secretary 2014-2015
Keys Be The Change Club: volunteer in schools with younger children; promote anti-bullying; make students feel welcomed on campus: 2013-2016
National Honor Society
French Club: help out at elderly home; teach the Key West community about French culture: 2012-2013, 2015
Judaic/Hebrew Studies: Attended Hebrew school once a week 3 years old- 13 years old; Attended temple services once a week: 3 years old- Present; Accomplished a Bat Mitzvah

Member of Delta Gamma Sorority (help raise money for an organization called Service for Sight, help with lots of service projects around campus and globally, and member of the sorority’s flag football and cheerleading teams)
Fall 2016-Present
Participant and fundraiser in Dance Marathon (A huge annual fundraiser to earn money towards Gainesville’s groundbreaking research hospital Shands)
Fall 2016-Present
Member of the UF Hillel (the University of Florida’s Conservative Temple)
Fall 2016-Present
Blogger for the University of Florida’s Blog from Abroad
Spring 2018
University of Florida International Center Peace Corps Prep member and International Scholar (Helps students learn about other cultures, immerse themselves in other cultures, learn and practice foreign languages, go to events with foreign guest speakers, and prepare for the Peace Corps)
Spring 2018- Present
Member of Gators for Strong Families Club (A University of Florida club dedicated to improving the foster care system in Alachua County and fundraising for unfortunate children in Gainesville)
Spring 2018- Present Member of the UF Marine Biology Club
Fall 2018- Present
Member of UF’s Gator SCUBA Club
Fall 2018- Present
Member of UF’s Pre-Legal Honor Society

Education and Travel
I graduated from Key West High School in 2016 after taking the most rigorous curriculum of Advanced Placement classes. I ranked in the top 10 academically out of 256 students.
In 2016, I entered the University of Florida and majored in Marine Science and minored in photography and international studies while maintaining a 3.67 GPA.

I have traveled extensively – many trips were volunteer oriented. I took 5 short-term study abroad trips (sustainability trip to Costa Rica, Marine ecology trip to Belize, Marine invertebrate Biodiversity trip to San Salvador, Bahamas; Marine Ecology Research trip to Akumal, Mexico, and a Tropical Island Ecology trip to various parts of Cuba). I traveled to Njabini, Africa to volunteer at an orphanage and school. We brought and donated art supplies, food, water, clothing and more. (10 days; March 2014).

I have also traveled around the United States (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, California, Colorado), the Caribbean (St. Thomas, Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica), a short-term sustainability study abroad trip to Costa Rica, a short term marine ecology study abroad trip to Belize, traveled with family and friends to Japan, Cambodia and Thailand. Traveling has greatly impacted my view of the world. It helps to know first hand what people experience in different countries.

My Strengths:
I have good communication skills, I am open-minded, dedicated and hard-working, curiosity/always eager to learn new things. This has helped me pursue my goals.

I have done a lot of volunteering throughout my lifetime, but a project that really impacted me was raising money and organizing a trip to Njabini, Kenya to volunteer at an orphanage, teach art workshops at a local school, and provide food to those in need in the community there. I was in Kenya for about 10 days. I really do recommend anyone who ever had the chance to do something like this. I learned a ton about the Kenyan culture, I felt empowered through all of the help and love I shared with them and it was reciprocated, they were so thankful and taught me too! The trip taught me to be thankful for all I have and for simple things such as toilets, clean running water, and the variety of foods we have in the United States.

Volunteer weekly at the Patrick Baker Lab for UF’s Fisheries and Aquatic Science Program for a Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) funded study. Helping with sediment analysis, biological quantification, and bioenergetics gaining experience in sediment processing, animal identification, and microscope use. The purpose of the study is to analyze the potential biological disturbance of offshore dredging for sand used in beach restoration off of Cape Canaveral. Fall 2018-Present

I am currently an intern at the Garcia Law Firm in Key West with duties such as: Attending and taking notes at deposition, drafting e-mails and making phone calls to assist clients, creating and editing PowerPoints for mediations, updating legal databases and uploading documents to Clio and assisting with research for cases.

I come from a large family! My dad has 8 siblings, my mom has 3, and I am a big sister to two! Having a large family helped me learn many skills that have helped me in life. I learned from a young age that people are different that doesn’t mean I can’t get along with them. It means they may have a whole new wonderful approach to things. I think it has given me the skills to be able to be a good manager.

Passions: I am passionate about the environment. I can see that we are heading in the wrong direction in many areas. Locally, the coral reefs are in distress, sea level rise is a huge issue in Key West and climate change will impact the entire planet. I want to help deal with this issue. Too, I would like to find ways to help people in general.

Future Goals: I will be attending law school at the University of Miami School o I am not completely sure about which career path I will choose after law school, but I think I would like to become an environmental or maritime lawyer, either working for the Navy or for a non-profit. I would like to address enviornmental racism which is a persistent issue in our country that I would like to help end.

My Greatest Challenges:
While I have a pretty good sense of what I feel is important I still need to figure out where my true passions lie and what career path I want to follow; focusing on studying and still making time for family and friends; overcoming some anxiety issues.

Society’s Most Challenging Issues:
This is a hard one. Our modern society is facing many challenges today including how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and more. I think the Black Lives Matter Movement is the most important issue in society today because every single human deserves rights and equality despite what they look like or where they came from.

How Can Resolve Our Issues:
I think it is crazy that these issues still even exist today. I think that one of the problems is that we don’t have a grasp on what the real issues are that have caused racism to still exist today. If we taught history more accurately and in a way that students would be able to truly understand how racism came about, it would help make people understand the issue. I also think there should be required courses on racial injustices and cultural competency beginning at a young age, so children have the chance to learn how to respect everyone even if it is not being taught directly in their homes.

Most Important Qualities in Women:
Perseverance and passion.

Greatest Challenges for Women Today:
Equal salary for women and political representation

Progress that Women Have Made:
I think that there has been immense progress for women over the years but that we still a long way to go. I have noticed that hiring has become more equal and less sexist, especially in the STEM subjects. As a female marine scientist, I have felt that I was treated with respect and that I was considered for volunteer and job positions equally with the other people in my field. f Law in the Fall. When I graduate, I hope to become an advocate for marine conservation.