Morgan Zvolska

Morgan Zvolska is the future of our country. She has the wonderful quality of being able to combine a desire to help humanity and her work ethic in school, work and volunteerism.

When asked what she considers to be the most pressing issue today she answered “Unifying the World”. She is an honor student at Key West High School and will be a senior next year. She has managed her studies and sports successfully while working at the same time. But what truly makes her exemplary is her attitude. She is uncommonly forward thinking for a person of her age. She is thinking about the future and the well being of humanity which is unusual at this time of life. When asked what her passions are, she unequivocally says that it’s the environment – air pollution, water pollution and learning how to live a sustainable life. And she is concerned that her generation doesn’t seem to be aware that the issue is immensely serious and that they generally feel that it’s not their problem. Morgan feels that volunteerism is important. She is planning on working with the Guardian ad Litum program next year.

At this point in her life, Morgan hopes to study neurobiology and human behavior. The University of Florida would be one of her first choices. She will use her final year in high school to explore her opportunities for the future.

When asked what she feels are the strengths that will help her succeed in the future she responded:
Curiosity. Morgan feels “everything is interesting” and loves to learn.
Prioritization: She has learned to prioritize tasks. She feels that is an important quality as she goes forward to a more demanding life. With so many interests she will need to use this skill.
Responsibility: She also knows that one of her strengths is responsibility. It is important to her that does what she sets out to do
Grit: She has found that perseverance and passion are as important as intelligence. Grit has been one of the most important characteristics supporting her work ethic and her success in sports. She always tries to better herself and reach the goals she has set. That takes grit. She also feels that grit is important to teach children at a young age and that staying committed and working hard is just as important, if not more, than the grades and score they receive in school.
Intrinsic Motivation: Notably during school, she has a strong desire to learn and study not necessarily for the good grade, but because it truly intrigues her. She genuinely wants to know and learn more, not just to get As on tests, but rather to retain that information along with teaching and informing others.

Morgan’s parents are originally from the Czech Republic. She visits there fairly often. She feels that seeing and understanding other cultures is hugely beneficial. She knows it’s easy to focus on day to day events in life but she also knows that there is a great deal more out there that she can learn and bring into her life. Morgan’s mother has been immensely supportive. “She is selfless”. She has let Morgan know that, at this time in her life, she needs to focus on school and sports.